Do you consider yourself an icon?

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This is actually a pretty good question if you think about it. Another good question to ask yourself before you dive into this article is, “what exactly is an icon?” Before you go off of this page to find the definition, I’ve taken the liberty to do it for you and this is what I found. Merriam-Webster defines it as:

  • a person who is very successful and admired

  • a widely known symbol

There are other definitions that correlate with those definitions and help to round out what this word “icon” actually is. For example, the google definition says:

  • a painting of Jesus Christ or another holy figure, typically in a traditional style on wood, venerated and used as an aid to devotion in the Byzantine and other Eastern Churches
  • a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something

Very interesting…do you agree? This kind of opens a whole host of things that we can explore and talk about.

So back to the original question at hand. Do you consider yourself to be an icon? I’ll give you my answer. Maybe that will help you understand a little bit more about the angle I am coming from.

I do consider myself an icon. Not in the sense that I am very successful and admired, at least not in a worldly standpoint. I am also not a widely known symbol. But I am a person regarded as a representative symbol of something. This is actually very true in my point of view and I’ll explain why.

The reason I consider myself to be an icon is because I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Yup, I am a born again, bible believing christian. And because this is who I am, by the nature of this belief, I am also a representative of something. I am a representative of the “body of Christ.” Or you could just say that I am a person who represents Jesus himself. I also run my own businesses so I would say that I am an icon for entrepreneurship. So based on that fact alone, you can pretty much assume that what I bring to the table will some how run parallel to those two truths about me.

Now before we continue any further, I would like to make one thing clear. Yes I do believe that I am a man that lives here on earth to represent The Lord Jesus Christ. But, I am not the only one. Every believing, born again christian is a rep for Jesus. I also want you to understand that I do not take the representative position to myself like the pope does. I am not the mediator between God and man. Jesus is. I represent that mediator. Follow me?

I plan on digging a little deeper into what I feel about the pope in future posts. I will be examining the position and nature of the pope and searching for the validity of the pope based on the biblical scriptures. It should be interesting to see where the pope fits in…if in fact he even does.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and I plan on continuing this discussion in the near future. Stay tuned and God bless you.


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